March 29, 2009, 2:02 AM
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Just saw Watchmen with some friends. It’s a pretty kick ass movie. 

You kinda have to pay attention to the story for it to make sense. But the movie is well made so even if you’ve never read the comics, you’d still be able to follow along. It’s a pretty long movie, but worth it and necessary for the story to be told. Sick. K my eyes are tired, so time to get a good night sleep. Long day tomorrow. Peace.

Plaza Bonita
March 28, 2009, 8:08 PM
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So we went to Plaza Bonita down south today. I got a couple button down shirts for work. 

Janice and I checked out this new corner in Bonita with 3 Filipino restaurants. We tried one of them called Chow King. We noticed the super excited workers, they were very happy. I wanted to hire them right away for something. Janice felt like we were in Disneyland.

We got the popular drink called Halo Halo. 

It’s so crazy. There are so many things inside. But it was pretty interesting and tasty. I was told the purple thing was yams and there’s coconut, milk, sweet beans, shaved ice, but I have no idea what the other 20 other colorful things are, but not sure it really matters. It’s similar to the Che Ba Mao (3 colors) vietnamese drink. 

I think this is my first time Filipino food. Maybe next time we’ll try Jollibee (the other popular restaurant).

Spring Break Stuff
March 28, 2009, 11:26 AM
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So my breaks have never been too interesting, I always hear crazy stories about going to Vegas or China or something. I always have mellow breaks, here are some random things I did over break.

Two days of break I had work. I learned how to tape chords down so people don’t trip on them. You’re supposed to rip the tape sticking out after this step. This ones a little crooked and ugly, but I’ll get better. 

Okay, I might be strange cause I like learning this stuff but I think its useful knowledge/skills for the future. You never know when things like this might come in handy. 

Yesterday, I went to eat at old Tajima on Convoy. This looks a little strange, but I guarantee you its DELICIOUS. This wonderful thing is called Omelette Yakisoba. Damn, I want some right now. I tried Yakisoba at other places, but the omelette and sauces on top. Unbeatable. $9.50.



Checked out my old work place. Birch Aquarium with some friends. Also visited our friend Yen who works there currently.


Afterwards, we headed over to chill at Iris’s pool. 

Today, planning to head up to Orange County to South Coast Plaza. Some of us have never been. I want to check out the unimaginably large mall again. At the same time maybe check out some local asian restaurants just because they are cheap and delicious.

I also tried my best to dance as much as I can over break. I finished a lot of the choreography for the first piece yesterday. Can’t wait to start hell week on Monday!

Vis 60 Photo Project
March 28, 2009, 10:23 AM
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So we had our final, couple weeks ago. These are some shots from the project. I wanted really symmetrical and frontal shots of where people spent a lot of their day. I really like their expressions in these shots. 






There are  some more but you basically get the idea. 


This last one is from the project before the final. This shot dealt with kind of the juxtaposition of giving someone something but at the same time, giving something dead and expired. The vibe is kind of creepy and ominous, yet it’s still fully colored. By the way, thanks to all my friends for helping me out with my photo project and all my other Vis projects, because seriously, honestly, there is no way I could have finished any of my projects with out you. So truly, THANK YOU ALL! :D

Vis 60 is okay. I really didn’t learn as much as I wanted to. We basically learned the most basic of basic things and a lot of photoshop techniques which I already knew coming in.

I did learn one thing in general which is to make my shots more white balanced. 

On a side note, I raised my GPA this quarter! Next quarter I’m taking all non-Vis classes which is going to be a huge change. If you only knew how much I hate science. -.-

New iPhone case/Software update
March 27, 2009, 11:51 PM
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So if you have an iPhone you know how much it costs even after you initially buy the phone. The cases, screen protectors, adaptors, chords, applications, and many other overpriced accessories. 

Anyway. I normally don’t believe in cases because I believe that if your going to spend money for a slick/small gadget, there’s no point if you cover it with a bulky/ugly cover. But I found this sick looking case today and had to pick one up.



It keeps my phone slick because it only covers the back and I like the red design a lot. The texture makes it more comfortable and keeps the phone from slipping from my hand. $30.

I’m watching a video now of the iPhone OS 3.0 Software update. Good news, it has a lot of new features. Bad news is, not going to be available until summer. Some features advertised on the Apple site are listed below along with some other ones I found will be available.

  • Cut, copy, and paste across applications
  • Undo/redo by shaking iPhone
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS*
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape
  • Peer to peer (bluetooth) gaming
  • Push notifications for Apps
  • Native Meebo App (better with push notifications)

  • AJ Rafael & Cathy Nguyen in Chula Vista

    I just heard of Aj Rafael’s show that was 30 min away from my house, 3 hours before the show. I had to come support and check out his live performance.


    We got a bit lost but when we were in the area. My cousin Janice shouted, “This must be the place, there’s cops and a lot of asian people.” Which I thought was pretty funny/random logic. But I guess it worked. (Btw, thanks for going with me, even though you stayed up all night studying for your final).


    The event was held at Yogurt Time in Chula Vista as a fundraiser for a culture night for one of the local high schools. 


    Since it was a yogurt place, of course I grabbed myself a large cup of frozen yogurt before I sat down for the show. 



    The place was packed with many people. A lot of them were youngins.


    AJ Rafael and his band mate played a couple songs together and had a few other friends join in for some medleys.


    Among them, Cathy Nguyen stepped in to sing their cover of “Lucky” originally by Jason Marz ft. Colbie Caillat.


    I got a chance to meet Cathy and talked a little about her possible involvement with LUMINANCE in the future.


    There was some birthday cake afterwards. Of course I had to pick up one of his sick shirt designs for support.

    Lestat’s – Kina Grannis/David Choi/Jane Lui

    I’m in Normal Heights in San Diego.. (a bit of a sketchy area… the shop next door surrounded  by people dressed in goth) but I’d risk it to check out David Choi, Kina Grannis, and Jane Lui live at Lestat’s Coffee House in San Diego. My first time here too.


    The line went 5 stores down and continuing. I hope everyone gets in. I hope I get in. I’ll update this through the night so you can check my blog on wordpress to get updates.

    Btw, I know I’m at the right place cause all the asians… One guy was talking about physics and I just heard a power ranger ringtone go off… oh asians.


    Update: Just got into the venue. It’s CRAZY. The house is packed and I mean, no standing room/no sitting room/no sitting on the ground room. I’m sitting up in the front in the aisle (exit path & bathroom path) between seat sections. If there’s a fire we’re screwed.

    Update: Okay I was just asked if I wanted to sit on stage because they are out of room. So of course I said yes. This is funny cause I came 15 min before the show and not just the best seat in the house but on the actual stage. Crazy.


    Kina poses for a picture from backstage.


    Kina tries to tune her guitar.


    David helps out with his guitar tuner.


    David Choi


    Kina, Jane, and David collab on each other’s songs.

    Update: I’ll upload videos at the bottom later on.

    … Okay it’s getting really hot up here cause of the intense spot lights. but still worth it.


    Jane surrounded by her instruments… keyboard, music box, and… other instrument.


    Kina Grannis


    Kina and her socks… someone shouted “Costco socks!” lol.


    Kina singing with her sister


    David Choi


    Kina Grannis


    Jane Lui

    It was an awesome show! Amazingly talented artists with such charisma. It’s rare (at least for me) to get a chance to watch popular Asian-American musicians perform live.

    If you feel the same way, please help out by supporting my event called LUMINANCE @ The Loft – UC San Diego hosting popular Asian American artists in San Diego. To read more about the event, please click HERE. Hopefully, I can work with these awesome artists sometime in the near future.

    Some videos I recorded (on my new Canon 790 IS camera! I think Jane had the same one) from tonight are below, enjoy!

    March 18, 2009, 10:21 PM
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    I took a Culture Shock master class with Jazmyn Jenkins yesterday..

    ..I’m in the green shorts and black shirt (I know I suck, but thats what classes are for). :)

    And two classes today (one with Keone Madrid).

    That’s the piece we learned.

    They were all completely refreshing and really inspired me to stop being lazy and choreograph the rest of the VN8 set. After spring break, we only have one week to prepare for our first performance at a benefit show (April 9th). Then the week after on April 18th is really what we’ve been practicing for (VSA Culture Night). IF were ready, I might have the team perform at Eclipse (April 17th) as well. What a crazy/fun weekend, Fusion is the 19th too. 

    I’m really excited because I am planning on going to see Kina Grannis, David Choi, and Jane Lui tomorrow night at Lestat’s Coffee House. I have interest from Kina to play at the next LUMINANCE so it’s going to be cool to see her perform live and maybe meet her in person tomorrow. I’m going to see if David & Jane has any interest performing at Luminance as well. 

    The problem is that I’m also planning to attend Mari Martin’s class at Culture Shock at around 7:30-8:45pm. The show at Lestat’s starts at 9pm. (drive takes 10min + parking). I really hope I don’t get lost. Or maybe they start the show a little late. 

    The reason I can’t just skip the Culture Shock class is because… it’s Mari Martin. Haha. I’ll only have this week and next week to take her class so I don’t want to miss it. 


    Tomorrow is going to be hectic. I’ll need to go purchase a digital camera in the morning, go to campus to pay my housing billing payment, choreograph a couple’s piece with Sylvie (VN8) for fun (music video she is doing/maybe use for our set) from 11am-4pm. Maybe also finish the guy’s piece and girl’s piece. Then head over to CS. Then Lestat. 

    Not to mention go eat off campus because I finally have a car now that it’s spring break.

    Asians can’t play main characters in “Asian inspired” cartoon
    March 18, 2009, 11:00 AM
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    If you haven’t heard. The 3 of the 4 principle cast members of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is caucasian. Even though the story is based on and inspired by asian cultures and stories.

    The producers believe that having an asian cast will not draw as many people to the theaters. Not all asians are the stereotype “nerdy asians” there are plenty of good looking/fluent english speaking asians who can play ASIAN roles. 

    Basically as of now, it seems like the few caucasian characters will be surrounded by a bunch of asian extras and minor characters in the movie… which is really awkward. 

    Why not take this chance with such a popular series and large budget to take a stand against the whitewashed American media? To give proper exposure to Asians in film and popular culture. That its okay to invest a film with a full Asian cast. This is the perfect chance to step up and rightfully represent Asians in a Blockbuster movie (rather than force us into minor characters with 2 minutes of screentime).

    Please help the protest and movement by signing the petition below and send to your friends.


    Check out the website dedicated to following the protest here:


    Check out how the “hero” characters are played by white actors while the one asian actor (Dev Patel – hired after the protests) plays the “villian”.

    Wow. I just read this from a journalist who went to a casting call for this movie.

    Another handful of prospective extras wore traditional Nigerian outfits (most at this particular casting call were African American), but the vast majority thankfully had on boring, contemporary Western clothing.

    One middle-aged black woman, clad in a denim jacket and black slacks, raised her hand. “Are you at a disadvantage if you didn’t wear a costume?” she asked, evidently concerned about her “non-ethnic” outfit.

    “Absolutely not!” Rickets reassured her. “It doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage if you didn’t come in a big African thing. But guys, even if you came with a scarf today, put it over your head so you’ll look like a Ukrainian villager or whatever.”

    The people running this movie really don’t seem professional at all and doesn’t seem to understand cultural values/sensitivities in our society at all. 

    The filmmakers’ request for extras to come dressed in the “traditional costume of [their] family’s ethnic background” patronizes members of all races. This type of racially charged statement is particularly damaging for Asian Americans, who are already widely dismissed as “perpetual foreigners” regardless of how long they have been in the United States.

    Professional actors do not typically come dressed in costume for casting calls, nor should they be asked to bring “traditional costumes” from home.

    Racist school need to update their system
    March 17, 2009, 10:55 PM
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    Have you guys read this story about a girl named Lori Phanachone, a Laotian American high school senior at Storm Lake High School in Iowa. She is forced to take an English Language Development Assessment because the school considers her illiterate. Despite the fact that she is on National Honor Society, has a 3.9 GPA, and ranked 7 in her class of 119.  The reason they concluded her “illiteracy” is because she marked in her school registration that English was not the first language spoken in her home.

    So basically everyone who’s parents spoke to them in another language as a child is considered non-english proficient until proven otherwise? Ridiculous. and Racist.

    She has been fighting this and has been suspended for refusing to take the test. A 4th refusal would get her expelled. The assistant principal actually told Lori to give up because she was “no Rosa Parks”. What A Jerk. To read more on the story click here

    Please show your support for Lori Phanachone by contacting the school and expressing how you feel about the issue. 

    Paul Tedesco – Storm Lake School District Superintendent

    Mike Hanna – Principal

    Beau Ruleaux – Assistant Principal

    The phone number over at Storm Lake High School is: (712) 732-8065.


    Below is my email to the school:

    Dear Storm Lake High School,

    Your school making Lori Panachone take an English Development Assessment test is completely outrageous. If she has a 3.9 and 7th out of her 119 class, that would mean those 112 students below her should take that test as well.

    Just because she grew up speaking another language does not mean she is worse off than someone who speaks English at home. It probably means she knows two languages while other students who you do not “assess” probably only know one. She is actually more brilliant in this respect.

    Born in America, I grew up speaking chinese and vietnamese to with my parents. I am completely fluent in English and know three other languages. You’re system for the test is completely flawed and you should re-assess the way you choose students to test. Your system is inherently racist and does not reflect the diverse cultural state of our society today.

    Kane Diep


    University of California San Diego


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