Finished choreo 2/culture shock
August 6, 2008, 2:49 AM
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So today I left work early around 2:30pm cause I really had nothing to work on. I headed over to the new dance room at the price center expansion to hopefully finish my choreo which after about two hours I finally did and I’m really happy with it. It actually has substance unlike my first one. This choreo is really tiring and after taking bernie’s class I was even more tired.

I think I’ll like this new dance room a lot because not many people know about it yet.

So after dancing for 4 hours I didn’t know how I would last the culture shock class taught by Vinh from SGBM. So while I got gas, I bought a bag of chips, 3 sandwiches and a blue monster. I’ve never really been a fan of energy drinks but hopefully everything will turn out well today. Oh and I can’t wait to get back to watch “So you think you can dance,” I’m rooting for katee and twitch.

I really love culture shock dance studio. It’s been my second home this summer. I definately hope I can take more classes during the year and definately next summer.

Let’s hope this shit works or else I’m screwed.


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