5th week/Priorities
August 25, 2008, 6:08 PM
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This will be the 5th week that I have been choreographing. It went by much faster then it felt. My choreo have been okay. Nothing that I am too proud of. I changed what I choreoed this weekend for Love Story because I was trying some popping stuff and it went well with the song. I haven’t done much popping but I guess this song would be a good song to test it with. I wanted to show you guys where I have been choreographing during weekdays.

Yeah.. I pay two bucks each day for parking to practice out here infront of the theatre department at UCSD in order to use the windows of their offices. Don’t you just love how UCSD sucks up our money and don’t even use it on us?

But I have kind of gotten used to it.

Plus there is a picture of 220 from their performance from highly sprung ’08 for inspiration.

Last night I was asked to coordinate and choreograph for the hip hop team for VSA culture night next year which I am excited for. Earlier today I was also asked to Choreo for KZeta phi for their sorority comp/charity event which I would be honored to work with. However, I have also been thinking about priorities for next year. I promise myself that I would acually try to study and pay attention in class next year and in turn do better. I also have a job at the LOFT which will probably need lots of our help because they only hired 12 emplyees and it is a brand new place with very high ambitions. On top of that I want to make more videos and shorts because it is my major and really was my first passion.

Now the decision is dancing… I’m not sure yet what team to commit to yet. I guess I will just find that out with time.


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but sound like your gonna gain lots of great experiences this year!
hopefully everything will fit together perfectly!


Comment by Yen "Beluga Whale"

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