Gas station Con?
August 27, 2008, 11:43 PM
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So I filled up the tank of my car today, and as I was leaving this guy asked if I could help him out cause he forgot his wallet and needed gas. I hesitated at first but decided to help him cause I would want someone to help me if I was in that situation. The thing was, my first instinct was not to trust him cause he had a very shady voice and was dressed like crap. He looked like he just woke up with random stains on his shirt and looked greasy as hell. But somehow cause he was driving a BMW made it a little more legit, but he could have just been a rich con-artist. If I had cash I would have just given him 20 bucks and be done with it, not needing him to return money later on. But I only had my card on me and he filled his car up to 50 bucks in order to get back to LA. I gave him my address cause he said he will mail me a check. I’m not going to be expecting a check, if it comes it comes. If not, then whatever. I would probably do the same thing if it happened again cause I always end up driving on an empty tank so if it happened to me, I wouldn’t want people to be a-holes. And If he was legit and I refused, that would be messed up.

So.. If your a con, fuck you.. If you’re not, mail me my 50 bucks. :]


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