August 28, 2008, 12:28 AM
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So some old stuff has brought up recently and I have to get some things off my chest. There is this person that I have known for awhile and ever since I have known them, the person has been very competitive, especially with me. I am not a competitive person AT ALL and don’t think that it is necessary to compete with others in order to feel a sense of status in life. I feel like I just need to improve my skills to empower ME and strengthen my own experiences. But for some reason, the person swears and have told other people that I am and have always been in competition with them, which I can’t even describe how ridiculous it sounds. I have not had a real conversation with the person in nearly two years and really don’t want to know or have have anything to do with them. I wish no harm or anything negative and actually wish them luck and good health in life. I just have one wish is for them to please stop trying to “compete” with me because that is really not what I am about.

I talked a little about this with my co-worker Leann and she unfortunately has had people like this in her life too. I was glad that I wasn’t alone. Leann is a very chill person and sucks to hear she had to deal with similar situations. This reminds me of the time my sister and I went to Vietnam because we have this cousin that is the same age as my sister. The way she came off to us was very snobby and the entire time everything she said was kind of trying to put herself above my sister. It was an awkward situation because we could see what she was trying to do in trying to prove herself [mostly to herself] and because my sister didn’t care at all in trying to compete with her it made the situation even more sad. We were there just to have a good time and have fun. The cousin even tried to force my sister to speak English with her but truthfully we barely understood anything she said in English which made us even feel worse for her. Why can’t everyone just have a good time and be chill with each other. The only way I could get myself away from that negative vibe was to distance myself. I really couldn’t stand the negativity anymore and is unfortunate that other people think we have beef or are enemies, its really not like that. I separate myself in order to feel like my own person and have my own identity back and it has been working so far. I just wish that the person can be happy with themselves and not base their successes and self worth on trying surpassing others.

If you are like one of these people I have talked about. Please chill out. Life is too short to dwell on the pursuit of beating others. Just have fun and enjoy the company of each other. Be inspired by others, let it motivate you to move on your own two feet because you believe in yourself and not because you need have some kind of vengeance against them. Sigh.

I usually don’t write these kind of blog entries about people. I am not trying to put this person on blast which is why I kept them anonymous. If you are the person I am writing about, I just wanted you to know how I felt about the situation and really want it to end. And If you read this entry and have the same outlook to life… just please leave me out of it.


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