Sex in a church?/Fuck UCSD
August 31, 2008, 4:00 PM
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I woke up an hour ago and needed to eat something before trying to choreo at RIMAC. I got a carne asada fries and large horchata drink. I had to eat it outside RIMAC. People that came in and out of RIMAC kept looking at me eating my delicious food and was thinking about this interesting situation because all these people are trying to work out and trying to lose weight and be more healthy but I’m here tempting them with delicious deep fried/sugary food. I was wondering if this situation is similar to having sex in a church or stealing money from poor people.

Then a bee started to land on my food. And I was like “Oh hells no, bitch get off MY food.” Cause if you know me, I am serious about my food and is pretty much the only thing I am serious about. Then a minute later it called it’s friend so two bees were coming for me. So I was like fuck this and took my food in to eat inside.

After I went inside, I was excited to use the stereo system at UCSD since all rec classes are finally done this summer and I have been choreoing with my iPhone speakers outside for the past month. To my horror all the fucking machines to plug in music is gone in all three rooms. I was pissed cause I spent 25 bucks on the chord to plug in my phone to the system.

So that is where the stereo is SUPPOSED to be. Damn, why can’t UCSD be more like APPLE at least make it seem like they are cutting us some slack and not be so obvious they are screwing us over. I guess the saying is true: “I don’t need sex, UCSD fucks me everyday.”

Well fuck you back UCSD.


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