Soak City/C’s Taco Shop/Todai/6th piece
August 31, 2008, 12:02 AM
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The beginning of the summer I promised myself that there was one thing that I was absolutely sure I was going to do. It was to go to Soak City Water Park sometime before the summer ended. I finally went today with Iris and Janice. I had a lot of fun. The new one that makes you go up a wall was the best part plus the lazy river was really relaxing and wished I had easy access to one. I’ll try to make one for my backyard someday.

Trying to save the $7 dollars for renting a locker by using my trunk instead, after we found out parking was $8 bucks. It worked out fine cause we parked right next to the entrance. and also walked around with the key to my car tied around my waist.

The forecast the day before told us it was going to rain today, but luckily it only sprinkled slightly in the morning, and was humid and pretty sunny the rest of the day. We were just worried about being electrocuted by lightning.

Afterwards, we were hungry and ate at Cuong’s favorite Taco shop with the best Carne Asada Burritos and these awesome fried onions and the cold Horchata drink made it even better. We ate that around 3:30pm and were dying cause we were so full.

Best tasting onions… in yo life.

I went to my grandmother’s house afterwards and hung out with the cousins and tossed around a lacrosse ball. At 6pm, even though I was full still, I was invited to go eat at Todai. Knowing me, you know I can’t pass up free food, especially since I hadn’t eaten at Todai in years. It was delicious but now I realize how much I prefer regular restaurants because buffets are much to unhealthy and is really uncomfortable on the waistline area if you know what I mean.. jk.. but really. But also because people try to eat their money’s worth and thats really not the point of dinner. The focus is more on eating and less on socializing and having a good time, everyone is just stuffing themselves to their limit. But the first hour, the food was pretty damn good. My favorite was the Green tea ice cream.

So tomorrow, I might get a chance to go up to UC San Diego and use the dance rooms at RIMAC to try and choreograph my next piece… I’m not sure what song I’ll do yet but I’m leaning towards “Hot Boyz” by Missy Elliot.

The day before. I also went with my brother, dad, sister, and her fiance to get our tuxedos fitted for the wedding. I liked the color we ended up choosing for our family which was different shades of blue. My brother got light blue, I got dark blue, each of us with a tie. My father is wearing darker dark blue with a bow tie. The other side of the family is doing the same thing but in green. It should look pretty cool. The other side was thinking about red but realized we didn’t to represent gangs at the wedding nor have a 4th of July themed one.


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