Busy weekend/supermodel/Egyptian War
September 6, 2008, 11:31 AM
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My sister’s wedding is getting closer and closer. And as the date gets near, more things need to be prepare for it. This morning I helped my mom fill red envelopes for my mom to give to guests. I remember filling the envelopes for my mom before New Years as a child. I was surprised how much money were in the envelopes all together, but I guess this is gonna be a pretty big wedding.

I still haven’t finished all the envelopes yet because I had to go to dance class at 11:30pm at culture shock. I wanted to get more classes in before my unlimited one month ended this Thursday.

I really like the new art in the culture shock dance studio because I always thought the studio looked kind of empty and blank. I also found out my bud Tim is gonna take CS classes for the next two weeks since finals are over. It’ll be cool to see more familiar faces.

I then picked up Jeffel and went to Johnn’s apt in Marshall to help him move his stuff to his cousins apt.

After, that I had a photo session planned with a friend to turn her from shy conservative girl to hotass supermodel. I have a vision for it and I believe she is the right person to pull this challenge off so I’m excited. I’ll post up photos tomorrow.

At night, everyone was hella sleepy so we just went to TapEX in Convoy and played some Egyptian War which was pretty fun. I am REALLY slow at Egyptian War, I can hit the “Doubles” fine, but “Sandwiches” are my downfall. But today I got to final two because we were all pretty slow. If I were to play with my friend Iris, I would basically be watching the whole game cause she’s so ridiculously fast. We were loud as hell tonight. Oh yeah, dunno if I posted up a picture of my dog already, but here is one of her when we took her to the park last weekend when I played lacrosse with my cousins.


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