Last days of Work/Shopping/Fashion&Style
September 10, 2008, 3:49 PM
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Today is the day before my last day of my job at the Birch Aquarium. I’m glad I took this job because I gained experience that helped me learn about my work ethic and what I need to work on as an employee, since it is my first real paying job it wasen’t quite what I had expected. Hopefully working at The Loft in the Fall, I will be more prepared and I will work better at something I have more passion for – performance. I’m also glad I took this job because I made a pretty cool friend from it. This job also paid for my summer gas spendings as well as my dance classes… and some clothes along the way.

This past weekend we went shopping at Fashion Valley and I bought a bunch of new clothes. For me, my style changes pretty often. The thing about clothes is I don’t see it as a definition of your character but more of a statement of how you are feeling or just simply how you want to present yourself a certain day. This is why I don’t stick with one style all the time, I constantly change the things I wear and I always wear the clothes I buy the second after I purchase it because the entire reason that I buy it in the first place is because I am feeling the style at that moment in time, which could change the next day, so I put it to as much use while I’m still into it. Which is also a problem for me, because if I like something, its pretty hard to talk me out of purchasing it regardless of the price. It is also difficult for me to understand why some people are so afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone from the clothes they normally wear which is expecially frustrating if their comfort zone is so small. I strongly believe that there isn’t a limit to what a person can put on. People should understand that the clothes don’t define you. You define yourself and who you are inside, and clothes either help portray how you feel or it can serve the simple purpose of making you look good. Life is too interesting to limit yourself… at anything for that matter. That’s why I loved the motto “Maximizing life,” the second I read it.


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