Ending = New Beginning
September 18, 2008, 11:34 PM
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As the wedding date come closer.. the more bug bites I get. Everyone seems to be a little more tense, a little more aggressive, everything much more chaotic and crazy. I seriously had no idea this much work takes place to prepare for a wedding. However, my brother also told me that he helped out with a couple of weddings and one where every detail was prepared vs. one that was mostly winged, both turned out beautiful and heartwarming, and that there wasn’t much different about the two weddings. Except the latter was much less stressful. As the Summer comes to an end, I am excited about the new beginnings of second year of college. Summer to me always feel like a time of stalling, a time in life where nothing moves or changes. I have always dealt pretty well with changes and want to grow in character and experiences. It’s not like I’m racing through life or rushing time, but I just want to fill my time with deeper meaning, relationships, and experiences. I feel that college can fulfill this much more than laying at home watching T.V.

Today some friends and I went to watch “Burn after Reading,” which was a different kind of movie in the way it was set up and approached. One of us fell fast asleep, but I was captivated most of the time. I don’t want to give too much away, but the movie at one point definitely reinforced to me how fast life can be taken away and how important it is to value and appreciate it. I need to learn not to sweat the details and just enjoy and accept things the way they are. Just forget little issues and let them go. Younger, I was always a perfectionist, which is why I don’t mind spending hours/days on the computer editing a photo or movie so every second and cm of it was PERFECT. But I have also realized that when people watch a film, many don’t look at the details or care about small timing changes. Although details are important, it is more necessary to look at the larger picture and overall content. I have this uncle that is not super rich nor ever tried to be. He never seem to worry about much in life accept taking care of his family and making sure he has food on the table the next day. He is always smiling and is one of the most easy going people I know. I think he is this way because he doesn’t worry much… about anything. He takes life as it comes and does not regret or complain about what he has been living which is what makes him such happy person. I can definitely learn something from his approach to dealing with life and troubling situations.


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