First day of School
September 25, 2008, 9:39 AM
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I will put some interesting things that happen through the day, atleast interesting to me. Today is also first opening night at The Loft! Yeahhh.

– I went to a class of 20 people, 20 minutes late and the door was locked.

– Lol, there are a million Kims in my Media Sketchbook class. It’s so cool to sit in a room with people of the same passion – movies/video. I am ridiculously excited about my assignments for this quarter!!!

– My first time getting something from the new burger king. I got a double whopper with cheese and Oreo shake. I feel like I’m just stuffing my throat with chemical waste when I eat at BK. The meat taste uncooked and substantless, the cheese tasted like plastic version of nacho cheese, the burger overall was sloppy as hell. The shake I feel like I shouldn’t even finish because it’s so unhealthy and not even the least bit good. FUCK. Why can’t they open an IN-N-OUT. Now that’s what a hamburgers all about bitches.

– FUCK. Blanked out first 10 minutes of physicsclass. And the professor was head of academic integrity.


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