11 hours = 2 minutes / new home?
October 6, 2008, 11:46 AM
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My first Sketchbook media video is due tomorrow. My friend yen was kind enough to wake up at 6am to help me with it. I spent 11 hours editing the 2 minute assignment. I like how it turned out but I think it’s taking a toll because I’m feeling a little sick because I stayed up untill 5 last night and ate a large fries with a large dr pepper which is definitely not a good idea.

Now that I’m a media major, I think I’ll be spending a lot of my time at the TMTV studio.

This is the TMTV studio. I’m very excited to be editing on Final Cut Pro. Can’t wait to get my own computer to edit on. The new MACbook is rumored to be out next week on the 14th. I’ve been waiting a year for it.

Fall Fest this year had Lupe Fiasco. I had fun. It’s funny that a couple thousand people couldn’t get in and began chanting “bullshit” and threw things at the baracades that were holding them back. It’s crazy cause the cops had to step in. Lmao. That’s when you know you’re famous.


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