Fuck yes/Wongfu/Very bitter medicine
October 12, 2008, 10:58 AM
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So I’ll go in order of importance.
Fuck Yes.
I just got onto my first fully competitve dance team. Ascension. I’m obsessed with new experiences each year so this is a good one for me. It will help me grow as a dancer. I was pretty proud that I lasted the 6 hour audition without dying cause I had a really bad fever and cough. I can’t wait to start learning. First practice this Wednesday.

Some of my friends and I met Phil, Ted, and Wesley of Wong Fu the other day and the members of Far East Movement at a panel they were doing at UC San Diego.

When a group of girls start screaming when they see you, that’s how you know you’re famous. It was pretty funny. I felt like I was in one of those Korean or Chinese artist or movie star press conferences. I wished one of the fans started sobing out of joy. I spent 42 dollars on two Nice Guy T shirts that I like. I feel like we need to support fellow Asians, especially in the entertainment because there are so few. They actually talked about that, which is something I have always believed in. If we are ashamed of ourselves, others will continue to look down on us. Gotta represent.

I had been sick for the past three days and came home for the weekend today. It’s actually nice to be taken care of my by my mom when I’m sick. But just like when I was 8 I was given this asian lime peel remedy. It’s the worse thing you can taste. Extremely bitter, coming from a guy that actually likes bitter melon. But ultimately I hope it will make me feel better by tomorrow. I’m supposed to work today but I’m probably going to call in sick. Sorry to end on a negative note.

w00t Ascension!

I got this cool apps that can do some cool photo effects on my phone.


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