Back on Track
October 19, 2008, 1:59 PM
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Physically I’m feeling a lot better. After a week of being sick [almost two] and a strange rib/chest pain when I breathe [may or may not be bruised ribs]. Regardless, it’s not worse, so I’m okay with it. 

I’m on top of my Sketchbook Media Vis 174 class, editing the assignment right now that is due in two days. Feeling pretty good about that. Ascension practice tonight where we will be learning new choreography, super excited about that. Found a sick new artist that Timbaland produces, hopefully I will have time to choreograph something to it soon. I also got a new Macbook Pro that I have been waiting an entire year to own. And I got new gear to wear from STUSSY yesterday, so overall I’m feeling great. 

I just went to a friends place to drink some good asian soup and was able to catch up with her and her apartment mates after not seeing them since last year. We were also able to catch some of the TMTV Drama Episodes from last year on TMTV. It was kind of cool because I haven’t seen the episodes play on TV since last year. 

Ascension Hip-Hop Team at UC San Diego 2008-2009!

Speaking of WongFu in the last post, I thought this pic is cool cause it was on their blog. 

See me? haha


Taking a break from editing my 2nd assignment for Sketchbook Media class in TMTV Studio. Btw, I wanna thank my friend Cuong for taking time to do some Taekwondo the other day for my video assignment. It’s so cool to have friends that are willing to help me out with this kind of stuff, or else I would have no subject and none of the videos would be possible. :]

I seriously could spend all day in the studio editing and would not get bored. Tired yes, but not bored. 

That’s how I know I love it. Same with dancing.


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