Strange weather, kitchen construction, guy’s piece, piece with mike
November 1, 2008, 1:27 PM
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SD – specifically La Jolla has been having a lot of strange ass weather. It’s been gettin really thick fogs in the middle of the day. I don’t mind cause it’s kind of cool and mysterious… Especially near Halloween.

I thought it was cool cause I could see the fog move in front of me.

So our apt kitchen in Marshall lowers is under construction.

It really doesn’t affect us much since we don’t cook. But were just thinking if we are exposed to any toxic dust or mold…

Phil and I worked on our piece. We have what it generally is.. We are going to clean it today and change some things around. 

Yesturday, Mike (also from Ascension) and I choreographed another piece to Flossin’ by cool kids. The piece is pretty fast and the difficulty level is higher than other ones I’ve done before. Hopefully we can use it as a performace piece later on. (I put what we have so far on my YouTube channel if u wanna check it out… I’ll probably take it down once I upload the real version).

Oh BTW, I got casted for the second half of the two part piece that Darryl choreographed which is cool. I liked the first part better but it just means I gotta practice more to get the parts I like. :]

At this moment, I am sitting on the floor outside the Res life office waiting for the RA on duty to open the door for me so I can check out a camera to record my two projects due this Thursday.

This week I have an extra credit midterm essay due today that I haven’t started, a physics midterm on tuesday that I don’t know anything about, another 9 page essay on articles I haven’t read, and a project on a game I haven’t played… Yeah… We’ll see how well things go.


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