9 page essay, sick… again, guy’s piece
November 6, 2008, 3:34 AM
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So… I’m a big procrastinator… when it comes to homework at least. I had a 9 page essay due for Vis 84, worth 40% of my grade. I waited till the day of at 1pm I began doing the reading and writing the paper. I skipped lunch and finished the essay by 7:44 pm. Paper due at 8:30 pm. I’m pretty proud that I pulled it off. But I’ll try not to do that again… (I always say that by the way). Oh and right now, at 2:30am in the morning I am at the TMTV studio trying to edit two videos due TOMORROW at 9am. Fun yeah?

So after two weeks of being sick and a fractured rib… a week later… I’m sick again. WTF. grrr. and my ribs are in pain again… grrr… But its okay, I’ve gotten used to dealing with it now. 

So here is the guy’s piece to “Suffocate” by J Holiday that Phillip and I choreographed

Next I wanna do a piece to techno/house music kind of like the closing pieces that all the other teams do…


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