Bad immune system, job experience, Dj training
November 10, 2008, 1:35 AM
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I’m sick again. My ribs hurt again. What else is knew? I really want to get better. I appreciate being healthy so much now. It’s interfering with my dancing and I know it annoys people when I cough in class or at my friends place because they don’t want to get sick either… And I don’t want to be trapped in my room. Damn, modern medicine needs to step up their game… Or my immune system needs to… I’ll take both.

So I was talking to my boss and we are trying to get staff members much more involved with the production side of the venue. So far a lot of the responsibilities have been service related. I am definitely excited about this change because the reason I wanted this job was to gain event planning and production experience and exposure.

Part of events at The Loft is DJs spinning for the night. I was always interested in learning to DJ. I finally got a chance to contact the DJ club on campus to start my training. Hopefully I can start as soon as next week. I’m really excited to learn. I just hope it isn’t as hard as learning piano cause I really failed at my attempt to learn piano in high school. My mind refused to learn notes.

This isn’t dj equiptment but is what is in the tech booth at my work place. I was able to kind of shadow the tech guys as one of the training we are getting at my work place. I’m really excited to learn more about this stuff.


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