Marshallpalooza, 9 page essay grade, Bad Physics grade
November 13, 2008, 3:26 PM
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My dance team Ascension is having our first performance at Marshallpalooza this Friday… tomorow. Although we only have a three song set, it should be fun. The stage is very tiny, I hope no one gets punched in the face or knocked off stage. I’ll post up a vid in a couple of days. 

I was watching an interview with the founder of Choreo Cookies and was amazed that they started in early 2007. They are too awesome. haha. 

The 9 page essay I started on the day it was due, turned out successfully, I got a B+!!! yeaahhh. haha. It’s interesting because the one part of the essay I spent the most time on received the worst comments. 

On the other hand, I got a 51% for my Physics midterm grade. That is BAD. Needless to say I will be studying hard for my Final since I never want to take this class ever again. I just need to pass since I am taking it for Pass/No Pass. 

I still have a bunch of video’s that I have done for my Sketchbook Media class which I haven’t uploaded it yet. I was able to upload one though… enjoy for now. :)


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ahhaha the founder of cookies aka Emmett is my director yeeee -alex

Comment by alex

actually they started as a side project back in the day at Full Out. 07 is when they began to get big.

Comment by alex

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