Wierd food.. Busy dancing month, Vibe
November 17, 2008, 5:26 PM
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The past couple of days, I have been eating some strange food. In an attempt to try and eat healthy, I bought an 8 dollar box of cereal at OVT (some organic brand). It ended up tasting like carpet with dirt on it. Today I bought some korean BBQ on library walk with parts of it that was still raw. Last night, I burnt my mouth on this frozen burrito that didn’t even taste good, it looked like grits with chicken flavor. If I’m going to burn my mouth, it should at least be something that tastes good like Pho or something.. not chicken mushed like mashed potatoes and grits… just saying. 

So after practice last night, our Coords told us that we were gonna have a busy month with new choreo at basically every practice. I’m personally excited because I have been looking forward to learning new pieces.. I found out Mikey from 220 is teaches a class on Friday’s at 3pm-4pm so I’m going to start taking that. I feel really rusty going from taking classes 3 times a day every day to just practicing twice a week. Definitely suffering from dancing withdrawal. I think I might have more time to choreo since I’m getting better at managing my time and getting more things done productively. 

We are hoping to get into VIBE at UC Irvine on January 25th. We need to put together a set and send in a video by early December which isn’t a lot of time. Hopefully we can pull it together. It would be awesome to get to perform at VIBE and see all the other team there as well. I’ll be looking forward to seeing Funks SF. 


Here is a Video of our performance at Marshallpalooza:

It was dark because we were planning on performing on the stage… but when we got there the stage looked like a trailer with the side wall torn out. So we ended up performing on grass. The grass was slippery and clumpy. But the show must go on. We have another performance coming up this Friday for a Fundraiser supporting kids with a family members with cancer.


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