Stuck in Snow Storm
December 16, 2008, 4:32 PM
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We were stuck on Bear Mountain for an extra day because of a strong snow storm. There were fun times and lots of freaky/bad things that happened as well. I’ll make a video when I get back to SD. We were out of food for a few meals and had to ration everything which makes me appreciate food so much more. I think if you live a comfortable and sheltered life all the time, things get taken for granted. This is why I don’t mind when things go wrong sometimes because it really builds character and my outlook on life in general.

Being trapped in the cabin really made me appreciate everything more and love SD more than I already do. I’m glad everyone is getting home okay.

I was thinking about the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” and I believe this because I could never live in a place like this where I would need to shovel snow and live in the mountain, because everything I know and love is in San Diego. But I think if I grew up here and family and friends are here I would feel the same about bear mountain.

We are planning to have a nice warm hotpot dinner when we get back. Tomorrow will be the start of my 3 week long winter dance training. Or maybe tonight if we get done eatting in time. :)

Fucking love San Diego.


On last day it got nice and sunny and we got to leave. The cabin was pretty nice but decorations were a little off. (they had atleast 50 rooster items around the dining area from plates, mugs, paintings, and ceramics.)


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