Posters/videos/dance room – inspiration
January 6, 2009, 12:28 PM
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2nd day of 2nd quarter. Enjoying it a lot so far. Taking classes about subjects I enjoy learning about and areas I actually want to improve in. The first day of Script writing was very enlightening and I learned a lot and had fun at the same time, I can’t wait to absorb more. 

I also started work again at the LOFT and had our first staff meeting of the quarter. I was given posters to put up and more table tents to place in dining halls. I have a meeting on Wednesday to draft the contract for the DJ, finalize promotion for the Eclipse on Friday, January 16th. I also got an email to pick up some checks that I had forgotten about. I was surprised I had 3 checks waiting for me to deposit. Yeahhh. 

These are posters for the first event at the LOFT for 2nd quarter.

So since Film/Video IS my major, I really need to make MORE. MORE. MORE. So I really want to make new videos more often. Hopefully I can build momentum to eventually make one every two weeks. Right now I want to finish the VSA Snowboarding Trip video that I finally uploaded to my computer. I have around 40 minutes of footage that I want to cut down to 10 for the final product. 

photo-49Since it’s first week and Rec classes haven’t started, I decided to use the Rec gym as a work area/playtime. Dance floors and dance rooms some reason give me lots of inspiration and I feel very comfortable here. Something about the waxed/shiny wooden floors and huge mirrors. I have another two hours here and hopefully I can get a good chunk of editing done.


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