UCSD Partying Cause on Facebook
January 13, 2009, 12:30 PM
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So I just created a Cause on Facebook that may seem strange to some, but I think kind of necessary. We all know UC San Diego is not known for its parties. We have sick concerts, sure, but whenever I go to a dance at school it feels like a high school… sometimes middle school event. There isn’t a place for students who just want to dance/party on a Friday/Saturday night without dressing up in a toga or color coordinate. Especially for students on who live on campus without transportation. So… comes in the Cause.


This, including the event I’m creating called Eclipse at The Loft, is to support a much needed movement to create a better social environment at UC San Diego. 

The Cause has a simple concept, invite your friends, they will invite their friends. And in the end we’ll have a group of people who are down to party which is the only way the movement will become a success at UCSD. Thats why the event is called Eclipse. Once in awhile we get the chance to experience an “Eclipse,” an event where students have the chance to have sick venue to just dance to hip-hop/top 40’s music and have fun. But the more demand and support we can get for Eclipse the more of them we can produce.


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