Culture Shock Scholarship/Broken Yoke/Yogurtworld
January 18, 2009, 9:08 PM
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Yesterday, some friends and I went to scholarship auditions at Culture Shock SD dance studio. The long process went from 2pm to 6pm. It’s a good scholarship because it cuts all the prices in half. For example instead of a 14 dollar class, each class is now 7 bucks. The scholarship lasts 6 months so I’ll have time to put it in full use during the summer. 



Near the end we saw some sick freestyling from different people including Julio who DJ’ed at Eclipse @ The Loft the night before.
(I’ll write a post with pictures about the Eclipse event soon).

We went to Broken Yoke in PB this morning because everyone raves about it. They are so wrong. It’s about 10 bucks a plate and nothing special at all. Kono’s is so much better, bigger portions and 7 bucks a plate.

Also the place had this shelf full of roosters which freaked me out cause during our Winter snow trip the cabin was all covered in rooster decorations.

Afternoon, we ate some frozen yogurt at the new Yogurtworld on campus at UC San Diego.



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