Unprepared for midterm
February 11, 2009, 9:04 PM
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I have a midterm tomorrow where I need to turn in 15 page journal entry based on a book I don’t have. Like usual I refused to buy the book in the beginning of the quarter. Now all the books are checked out for overnight at Geisel. So am I screwed? We’ll see.

My friend Chau said she could stay and see of anyone turns it in by 10 because I have dance practice right now. -.- FML? We’ll see when I get my midterm grade…



So I DID end up getting the book and picked it up after practice from Chau (Thanks!). I then accidently fell asleep when I got back to my dorm. When I woke up I got an email from my 9:30AM class (photography) saying that it was cancelled. I’m thinking in my head, “Wow”. I worked on my journal until discussion at 1:00PM. Discussion had a sub so it ended two hours early, so I was able to finish my journal, print my random notes, buy a blue book from PC then head to York 5 min before my midterm started. Whew. 

We’ll still have to see my midterm grade, but I’m glad I finished everything on time.


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