Start of Ascension Week
February 23, 2009, 10:39 AM
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Hell week is over… But crazy round of performances starts. 

My saturday started at 10AM waking up for work. I had my first videography gig for The Loft. It was for an Alumni Association event. It felt so surreal because it was my FIRST paid gig to film something and is special to me because this is my major… I don’t know, it felt really strange in a good way. 

I was able to use a Canon HDV camera worth about $3000 dollars. This is also my first time using an HDV camera. It was was SOOOOOOO cool. :)

Right after work, I went straight to Ascension tech time for the All 4 U event. After tech time some of us went out to grab a burrito and get snacks to prepare for the long night. It was a fun performance and our first real one of the year with an while set on a large stage. It was also amazing to check out Choreo cookies and SGBM live and see some of my friends SGBM.

The next morning we had to wake up at 6AM and left for UCLA at around 7AM for CHS (Chinese Heritage Festival) held by all the CASAs (Chinese American Student Associations) in So Cal. 

It was a really fun day. There were a bunch of games between all the CASA dance teams from UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCR, USC, and we also performed a set for kick off for All Cal in May. 

Along with all the fun, we also won the CHS trophy for the first time since CHS started 5 years ago. Go UCSD Tritons! All the teams were very nice and good sports. It was nice meeting you!

CHS ended around 5 or 6PM. All of us were so tired and were about to pass out. But we couldn’t leave LA without checking out the town and restaurants. 

We checked out Diddy Riece which was an amazing ice cream and cookie place. It was was $1.50 for one of these. Really cheap and really good. Yum. We also chatted with some CADC people and they were real chill. I recognized one of them so much and found out she used to dance for 220 last year. 

Afterwards we ate at Noodle Planet. Basically Asian copycat of Hollywood planet. I got the Pho. Kinda gross. Yeah.. But overall, it was real nice to get out of SD area and eating the SAME food over and over. 

Our next performance is Tuesday for a Greek event. Tomorrow is also my birthday. I can’t believe I’ve lived 2 decades. CRAZY. :)


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