February 26, 2009, 11:07 PM
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Some reason I really like looking up at the sky. I always liked the different shapes, colors, and vastness of the sky. It’s like using a wide angle lens in reality. Sometimes I just pause for a moment and watch the clouds move. I was walking by OVT and this looked cool to me.

The point of this blog was to show the world through my eyes.. So yeah. Might be wierd haha.

So I read the Guardian when a new issue comes out (Monday and Thursday). I just started reading it more recently. I usually read the front article, loft articles, comic, and editorial column.

I found this artwork disturbing but representarive of the current situation.

It’s a puppy with a name tag saying: The Loft. Pleading for a treat from AS. It is ridiculous that AS won’t even give students a chance to vote thus voicing their opinions on the issue. It’s also lame that they will only give funding if they get more oversight than they already have. We have already seen how AS runs and their system is crappy, slow, and nonstudent-friendly. If AS gets more oversight over The Loft, no student input will be heard and everything will need to go through hundreds of votes and discussions before anything changes or moves forward. What I hate most about working anywhere in general is the governmental red tape we have to leap, dodge, fly over in order to get anything done. If AS gets hold of power over The Loft I feel that the tape will instantly become a giant red wall.

On to dancing, Mari’s class was Amazing. Darryl’s was too, but Mari’s was extra amazing. Afterwards, we ate at Phuong Trang on Convoy. Then headed over to the new yogurt place (one of many) on Conoy/Clairemont Mesa called Yogurt Lounge. The yogurt was good and cheaper than Yogurt world. 29 cents per ounce I think it was.

We also played Jenga. Didn’t lose haha. On of my Ascension teamate Carmen also pointed out that when I sing a song I don’t just sing the words like normal people but sing the beats too for moves in choreography. Like:

Dun Dun
One night in town
Dun Dun
I came around
Dun Dun

I realized I do that for a lot of songs now. Too much dancing haha. She sang how I sang it and it sounded hella strange but it still sounds good in my head so I guess that’s all that matters. Dun Dun.


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