Getting sick?/ 425 Eclipse
March 2, 2009, 9:01 PM
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So I have the official Eclipse 2-27 incount. There was 425 people who checked out Eclipse which was more than the first one and more than confirmed on facebook event. I also reached my goal of 400-450.

Thanks to all the people who checked it out and thanks to all my friends who came and supported! Great job Ascension teammates thanks for helping out!

I’ll post up photos and a video soon. There is already a video up of Ascension’s performance uploaded by my friend Justin. Thanks man.

Get ready for the next Eclipse on April 17th! This time I’m looking for 450-500, help me out by inviting your friends! :)

Eclipse April 17th Facebook Event

Do you guys like the new color? 

There is also potentially something really crazy going down that night of Eclipse. I’ll let you know soon if that goes through. 

A couple hours ago my throat felt dry all of a sudden and my forehead was kinda warm. It felt like beginning signs of getting sick. I’m really hoping water and a nap will be good enough for me not to get sick. It only felt like a week ago I got better from being sick for two months… Please don’t let me get sick again. I got too much to handle.


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wow…..and you thought the # of attendees will go down:)

Comment by janice

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