March 7, 2009, 11:20 AM
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So I see a lot of things as visually interesting… And want to share it with you. Kind of like a see through my eyes. Warning: They will be random and most will be taken from my phone.

Sometimes I just like warm bright light from the sun and at the same time the cooler shadows/shade it makes in relation to the warmth. I think that’s why I like the beach, to lay in the warm sun and the option to walk under a pier for cool shade then stepping into the even more contrasting cold water.

I really like the beach. And I really wished I had time to go more often.

This was taken between the car frame and the sliding car door. Again I really like the sky and at the same time the way the sun hits the sky in certain places and not others creating depth in the clouds. I like the swirls that deepen the look of the clouds and their movement like mixing a huge couldron.

My favorite is right after it rains when the sun is barely out. The atmosphere is amazing because of the contrast between the bright white clouds and the darker sky and the air is new and refreshing. I think I like it because the look is very cinematic, everything I see looks like it has a lens over it compared to always seeing everything in directly lit sunlight. Also the range in textures and pallates of surfaces are much more dynamic after rain like the stucco of houses in relation to wet/glossy cement to wet grass and soil. All colors become more vibrant in general.


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