March 7, 2009, 10:47 AM
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When I was hoping for things to get better the next day, when I woke up this morning I couldn’t open my eyes. Both were glued shut and watery. I quickly realized I probably have pink eye because I’ve had it before.

I remember the first time I got it was senior year of high school the day of dress rehersal for talent show. However the antibacterial drops I got from the nurse healed it within 24 hours. I hope my Vietnamese family doctor will know what he is doing and gives me the same.

I feel bad because the Ascension team performing today for APSA talent show is really small because around 5 people couldn’t do it. I think there is only 4 people in the guys piece.

I really need to get checked up by a legit doctor and see if I’m okay because I have been getting sick basically all year. I’m probably more sick than I am healthy which is a huge problem.

I’m about to go get a snack for breakfast as I wait for my turn in line at the family doctor.

As the saying goes, “Sometimes things get worse before they can get better.”

I just hope the better will come soon.


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omfg that sucks! hope u get better….can u still perform for apsa?

Comment by janice

i kno duuude u been sick forever!! take care of yourself and get better!!!

Comment by Amira

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