LUMINANCE – shine baby shine!

The Line-up for the April 2009 LUMINANCE @ The Loft is:








Here is the link to the Facebook event!!


Please PLEASE help out any way possible, whether just you coming, bringing a roommate, or inviting all your UC San Diego friends. I will need help promoting this event. 

To me this event is bigger than just a typical show. I feel like the Asian American community is kept so far out of mainstream media that it effects us in a negative way. Asian Americans are so stereotyped in the American media that everything we have to offer goes unnoticed. 

By sharing your support, any way you can, it makes a difference because it shows that we want to move in a positive direction and that we have control over what we see, hear, and percieve. Rather than letting the media control our perceptions.

If April 10th LUMINANCE is successful, we can plan many more in the future. There are many other AMAZING Asian American artists that I have planned to book. So please come and support!


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