Random pics/LUMINANCE update
March 14, 2009, 2:37 PM
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This is a random post of things I saw this week.

I thought this was kind of cool. It was in my fridge on the freezer lid. Eclipse yeahhhhh.

So I have a confession, I don’t know what the white cheese without the holes are called, I only know the word Swiss (with holes). So I always have to get that one, which most times is too dry and I don’t think I even like it that much. But yeah…

I thought this was pretty legit. We have a dance studio reserved and when we got there they had two signs with our name on it and our reserved times.

Had work from 12-4pm basically doing nothing. Now gotta study for Finals on Monday. Shooooot.

BTW, thanks to all my friends who have helped me invite people to LUMINANCE. Thanks for everyone’s support! Thanks to the artists who invited their fans, family, friends too!

I made a group, for people to join to support LUMINANCE @ The Loft and to get updates on future ones as well as a chance to voice your suggestions for potential artists! 

Click Below to check out the group:


(Great. I just realized I walked all the way to the library, settled down, but forgot to bring a pen to write my 10 page journal entries…)


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provolone is another type of white cheese…you should try it…it’s pretty good! =)

Comment by Yen

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