Racist school need to update their system
March 17, 2009, 10:55 PM
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Have you guys read this story about a girl named Lori Phanachone, a Laotian American high school senior at Storm Lake High School in Iowa. She is forced to take an English Language Development Assessment because the school considers her illiterate. Despite the fact that she is on National Honor Society, has a 3.9 GPA, and ranked 7 in her class of 119.  The reason they concluded her “illiteracy” is because she marked in her school registration that English was not the first language spoken in her home.

So basically everyone who’s parents spoke to them in another language as a child is considered non-english proficient until proven otherwise? Ridiculous. and Racist.

She has been fighting this and has been suspended for refusing to take the test. A 4th refusal would get her expelled. The assistant principal actually told Lori to give up because she was “no Rosa Parks”. What A Jerk. To read more on the story click here

Please show your support for Lori Phanachone by contacting the school and expressing how you feel about the issue. 

Paul Tedesco – Storm Lake School District Superintendent

Mike Hanna – Principal

Beau Ruleaux – Assistant Principal

The phone number over at Storm Lake High School is: (712) 732-8065.


Below is my email to the school:

Dear Storm Lake High School,

Your school making Lori Panachone take an English Development Assessment test is completely outrageous. If she has a 3.9 and 7th out of her 119 class, that would mean those 112 students below her should take that test as well.

Just because she grew up speaking another language does not mean she is worse off than someone who speaks English at home. It probably means she knows two languages while other students who you do not “assess” probably only know one. She is actually more brilliant in this respect.

Born in America, I grew up speaking chinese and vietnamese to with my parents. I am completely fluent in English and know three other languages. You’re system for the test is completely flawed and you should re-assess the way you choose students to test. Your system is inherently racist and does not reflect the diverse cultural state of our society today.

Kane Diep


University of California San Diego


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