March 18, 2009, 10:21 PM
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I took a Culture Shock master class with Jazmyn Jenkins yesterday..

..I’m in the green shorts and black shirt (I know I suck, but thats what classes are for). :)

And two classes today (one with Keone Madrid).

That’s the piece we learned.

They were all completely refreshing and really inspired me to stop being lazy and choreograph the rest of the VN8 set. After spring break, we only have one week to prepare for our first performance at a benefit show (April 9th). Then the week after on April 18th is really what we’ve been practicing for (VSA Culture Night). IF were ready, I might have the team perform at Eclipse (April 17th) as well. What a crazy/fun weekend, Fusion is the 19th too. 

I’m really excited because I am planning on going to see Kina Grannis, David Choi, and Jane Lui tomorrow night at Lestat’s Coffee House. I have interest from Kina to play at the next LUMINANCE so it’s going to be cool to see her perform live and maybe meet her in person tomorrow. I’m going to see if David & Jane has any interest performing at Luminance as well. 

The problem is that I’m also planning to attend Mari Martin’s class at Culture Shock at around 7:30-8:45pm. The show at Lestat’s starts at 9pm. (drive takes 10min + parking). I really hope I don’t get lost. Or maybe they start the show a little late. 

The reason I can’t just skip the Culture Shock class is because… it’s Mari Martin. Haha. I’ll only have this week and next week to take her class so I don’t want to miss it. 


Tomorrow is going to be hectic. I’ll need to go purchase a digital camera in the morning, go to campus to pay my housing billing payment, choreograph a couple’s piece with Sylvie (VN8) for fun (music video she is doing/maybe use for our set) from 11am-4pm. Maybe also finish the guy’s piece and girl’s piece. Then head over to CS. Then Lestat. 

Not to mention go eat off campus because I finally have a car now that it’s spring break.


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Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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