Lestat’s – Kina Grannis/David Choi/Jane Lui

I’m in Normal Heights in San Diego.. (a bit of a sketchy area… the shop next door surrounded  by people dressed in goth) but I’d risk it to check out David Choi, Kina Grannis, and Jane Lui live at Lestat’s Coffee House in San Diego. My first time here too.


The line went 5 stores down and continuing. I hope everyone gets in. I hope I get in. I’ll update this through the night so you can check my blog on wordpress to get updates.

Btw, I know I’m at the right place cause all the asians… One guy was talking about physics and I just heard a power ranger ringtone go off… oh asians.


Update: Just got into the venue. It’s CRAZY. The house is packed and I mean, no standing room/no sitting room/no sitting on the ground room. I’m sitting up in the front in the aisle (exit path & bathroom path) between seat sections. If there’s a fire we’re screwed.

Update: Okay I was just asked if I wanted to sit on stage because they are out of room. So of course I said yes. This is funny cause I came 15 min before the show and not just the best seat in the house but on the actual stage. Crazy.


Kina poses for a picture from backstage.


Kina tries to tune her guitar.


David helps out with his guitar tuner.


David Choi


Kina, Jane, and David collab on each other’s songs.

Update: I’ll upload videos at the bottom later on.

… Okay it’s getting really hot up here cause of the intense spot lights. but still worth it.


Jane surrounded by her instruments… keyboard, music box, and… other instrument.


Kina Grannis


Kina and her socks… someone shouted “Costco socks!” lol.


Kina singing with her sister


David Choi


Kina Grannis


Jane Lui

It was an awesome show! Amazingly talented artists with such charisma. It’s rare (at least for me) to get a chance to watch popular Asian-American musicians perform live.

If you feel the same way, please help out by supporting my event called LUMINANCE @ The Loft – UC San Diego hosting popular Asian American artists in San Diego. To read more about the event, please click HERE. Hopefully, I can work with these awesome artists sometime in the near future.

Some videos I recorded (on my new Canon 790 IS camera! I think Jane had the same one) from tonight are below, enjoy!


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great candid pix, great posts. thanks for sharing!

Comment by thuff7

Thanks for the awesome footage. I was there but unfortunately I couldn’t get any pics or video. The batteries died in my camera :( I would love to help support your event or upcoming events thereafter. But I don’t know how. =/

(I hope I didn’t get post this twice by accident)

Comment by Crystal

Hey Crystal!
If you have a Facebook, a quick and simple way you can help out is by inviting your friends to the LUMINANCE event at:
(Under the picture on the top right, there is a button called “Invite people to come.” Just click that and click all your friends!)

If you have even more time, you can invite them to the group:

Thanks for you’re support Crystal! It means a lot to hear that people are interested in the events I’m trying to put on. :)

Comment by kaned89

thanks for the great vids :) glad the show was such a huge success. best of luck with Luminance!

Comment by shirkinerd

LMAO, ‘oh, asians’ …so over a thousand miles away and i had some of the same observations at kina’s seattle show!

Comment by deana

haha that’s funny
we’re all united

Comment by kaned89

Hey Kane, thanks so much for posting up the vids and photos, wish i was there. The trio are truly amazing..

Comment by lydia

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