AJ Rafael & Cathy Nguyen in Chula Vista

I just heard of Aj Rafael’s show that was 30 min away from my house, 3 hours before the show. I had to come support and check out his live performance.


We got a bit lost but when we were in the area. My cousin Janice shouted, “This must be the place, there’s cops and a lot of asian people.” Which I thought was pretty funny/random logic. But I guess it worked. (Btw, thanks for going with me, even though you stayed up all night studying for your final).


The event was held at Yogurt Time in Chula Vista as a fundraiser for a culture night for one of the local high schools. 


Since it was a yogurt place, of course I grabbed myself a large cup of frozen yogurt before I sat down for the show. 



The place was packed with many people. A lot of them were youngins.


AJ Rafael and his band mate played a couple songs together and had a few other friends join in for some medleys.


Among them, Cathy Nguyen stepped in to sing their cover of “Lucky” originally by Jason Marz ft. Colbie Caillat.


I got a chance to meet Cathy and talked a little about her possible involvement with LUMINANCE in the future.


There was some birthday cake afterwards. Of course I had to pick up one of his sick shirt designs for support.


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Hey bro thanks a lot for writing up about this. I know its like new years eve haha but I just found this. I appreciate the support and coming out for the show

Comment by Christian Hermida

Of course dude. It was a fun and chill show. Good job and keep up the good work! Let me know bout any upcoming ones when you put them on. I’d love to check out more!


Comment by kaned89

yes! definitely two of my faves! if i lived nearby, i’d totally support them at their shows

Comment by Dot-Com Celebs

yeah, they are very good :]

Comment by kaned89

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