Spring Break Stuff
March 28, 2009, 11:26 AM
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So my breaks have never been too interesting, I always hear crazy stories about going to Vegas or China or something. I always have mellow breaks, here are some random things I did over break.

Two days of break I had work. I learned how to tape chords down so people don’t trip on them. You’re supposed to rip the tape sticking out after this step. This ones a little crooked and ugly, but I’ll get better. 

Okay, I might be strange cause I like learning this stuff but I think its useful knowledge/skills for the future. You never know when things like this might come in handy. 

Yesterday, I went to eat at old Tajima on Convoy. This looks a little strange, but I guarantee you its DELICIOUS. This wonderful thing is called Omelette Yakisoba. Damn, I want some right now. I tried Yakisoba at other places, but the omelette and sauces on top. Unbeatable. $9.50.



Checked out my old work place. Birch Aquarium with some friends. Also visited our friend Yen who works there currently.


Afterwards, we headed over to chill at Iris’s pool. 

Today, planning to head up to Orange County to South Coast Plaza. Some of us have never been. I want to check out the unimaginably large mall again. At the same time maybe check out some local asian restaurants just because they are cheap and delicious.

I also tried my best to dance as much as I can over break. I finished a lot of the choreography for the first piece yesterday. Can’t wait to start hell week on Monday!


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