Vis 60 Photo Project
March 28, 2009, 10:23 AM
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So we had our final, couple weeks ago. These are some shots from the project. I wanted really symmetrical and frontal shots of where people spent a lot of their day. I really like their expressions in these shots. 






There are  some more but you basically get the idea. 


This last one is from the project before the final. This shot dealt with kind of the juxtaposition of giving someone something but at the same time, giving something dead and expired. The vibe is kind of creepy and ominous, yet it’s still fully colored. By the way, thanks to all my friends for helping me out with my photo project and all my other Vis projects, because seriously, honestly, there is no way I could have finished any of my projects with out you. So truly, THANK YOU ALL! :D

Vis 60 is okay. I really didn’t learn as much as I wanted to. We basically learned the most basic of basic things and a lot of photoshop techniques which I already knew coming in.

I did learn one thing in general which is to make my shots more white balanced. 

On a side note, I raised my GPA this quarter! Next quarter I’m taking all non-Vis classes which is going to be a huge change. If you only knew how much I hate science. -.-


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