Same place… different view
April 3, 2009, 10:27 AM
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Looking back at high school, I had really got the most out of the time/space and had a really good time.

Picture: With cousins in Preuss School graduation Newsletter.

However, after graduating, it’s strange to go back and volunteer. One person in particular I used to be cool with who works in the office, now seem to have an really rude attitude when she talks.

The thing is that I really want to tutor/volunteer for a high school class because I feel like I have a lot more to contribute and share/connect with rather than a middle school one.

Teachers can usually handle a middle school classroom fine which is why tutors mostly sit in the back and wastes time.

However, the general policy is that Preuss Alumni cannot tutor in a high school classroom because the age gap is too close. Which is ridiculous to me because it just means we have more valuable things to share with juniors and seniors because we know how its like graduating from Preuss and going to a university.

This would be the perfect time to share our experiences and know what works and what doesn’t socially, academically, health wise, benefits of living on campus/off, saving money… etc.

I wished Preuss would not have something stuck up its rear end and pay attention to its own Alumni, in the least have a little more respect.


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wow ur tutoring already? what class?

Comment by jani

And if that’s the case (alumni cant tutor high school students bc of the close age gap), why other second-year ucsd students (who are not alumni) can tutor in high school classes?

Comment by jani

middle school university prep, literacy enrich, and art

they said cause we might know the students… but so what?

Comment by kaned89

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