Marketing rounds
April 8, 2009, 12:46 PM
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For Eclipse I initially wanted to make rounds to all GBMs to announce the event and invite everyone but timing was always bad and the topic didn’t fit too well. But with Luminance I really wanted to make sure I hit all the Asian American student orgs.

I started with APSA on Tuesday night then did VSA the next day at 7:30PM. At 8PM I stopped by KP then ran to Ascension practice at 8:30PM. At each one I gave a quick announcement about the support needed within the Asian American community to help each other succeed in media and get noticed creatively. I also talked about supporting The Loft and our need for permanent funding. I ended by giving out Heart The Loft shirts to people who could name an event they went to at The Loft. (No repeats). It was fun. 

This is KP’s General Body Meeting. Thanks for all the Student Orgs for listening. They were all very enthusiastic about The Loft and performers at Luminance. And Thanks to all the coordinators of the GBM’s for giving me a slot to speak at your meetings! It really means a lot. 

Luminance poster displayed at AS Battle of the Bands show. 

I began mass marketing for Luminance in the past two days. MuWahahaha. JK.

But really.

This is the monthly poster for The Loft and both Eclipse and Luminance is on it. And a picture of Seriously (One of the acts at Luminance) had a picture at the top! W00T.


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