OMG OMG OMG – Angry Asian Man . Com

FREAK Freak freak.

Luminance just got featured on angryasianman.com

I literally read this blog everyday. I sent a press release out to some Asian-American blogs but wasn’t sure if any would feature it. AHHHHHHHH! I’m so excited I could cry. JK. But Seriously… Sam Kang. Olivia Thai. and Jennifer Chung. 

Here is the link: www.angryasianman.com

*Passes out*

BTW, this is what he wrote:

“If you’re in the San Diego area, here’s a cool Asian American music showcase happening this week that you might want to check out: Luminance, featuring Sam KangOlivia ThaiSeriously, and Jennifer Chung. This Friday, April 10 at The Loft at UC San Diego.

I’m a fan of all of these artists, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned them all here before, except for Olivia, who I only recently discovered. But I’m definitely a new fan of hers too. This should be a really fun show, so if you have the chance, do check it out.”

Here is a screen capture: 


Thanks Phil! You’re awesome!

Okay. Let me go pass out again. w00t!


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