Luminance April 10th ft. Jennifer Chung, Seriously, Sam Kang, Olivia Thai @ The Loft UC San Diego *Recap Edition*

So the first Luminance this past Friday (April 10th) is over. I’ve just been enjoying the short time after to take a break which is why I hadn’t written a recap yet. But here it is… (BTW, Professional photographs provided by Nathaniel Kam, a very talented photographer. Check him out!)


Luminance is one of two series that I put on at The Loft @ UC San Diego so far. My other series are the Eclipse club parties. Luminance features live musicians/singer songwriters. So a lot more work goes into working out contracts, sound checks, hospitality, greenrooms etc…

I started work at 2PM to get door signs up, make sure hospitality food was ready, and production schedules, contracts, and video/sound waivers printed.

The first sound check started at 4pm with SeriouslyJennifer Chung came next, then Olivia Thai, then Sam Kang.

Sam Kang was a real chill and laid back guy. Below are some pictures of him practicing backstage.


Sam brought his friend Scooter to play with him. Scooter has mad skills on the guitar and also goes to UCSD. I found out Scooter is a childhood friend of Davids’ from VN8 (my dance team).



Sam had a huge group of friends that came to show support. I like that he has a really unique sound, “Shots and Beer” is one of my favorite songs of his.

I got a chance to chat a bit before doors at 7:30pm with the extremely charismatic Jennifer Chung. She is really personable and had so much energy that it spreads to everyone around her.  I found out she dances for MCIA which is cool because I saw two of their performance last year, one actually at The Loft and one at APO dance comp. Talk about multi-talented.

img_0354Jennifer and her guitarist Johnny in the green room.


Olivia Thai in the Green Room. She is also amazingly talented and has a very powerful voice. Such Swagga.


Olivia invited some of the audience, to come on stage to sing her song “We All look the Same.”


Seriously The Band



At the end of the night, I got a chance to chat a bit with Seriously. They’re real chill and friendly guys and amazing how they still have energy with their busy schedule. (They had to drive to LA after the show, sleep in their studio, and wake up at 4AM to fly to Minnesota for a show). But they said it’s what they love to do, so it worth it and works out. They really liked the venue and even wished their own college had a venue like The Loft.

Jennifer Chung

nk_Lum_0517 nk_Lum_0522

Jennifer playing with Johnny.



I’m glad some of my family members got to see what I do. Hope you guys had a good time! Kevin (brother), Me, Tiffany (Sister), Janice (Cousin).

Thanks to friends that came!



The picture above is Sam Kang, Nathan & Chris (Seriously), Johnny, Jennifer Chung, Phil & Josh (Seriously) and me.

The performers also loved our techs, during the night they said “Finally, techs that know what they’re doing.” Good Job Will and Jonny!

I got some good feedback from people who came to Luminance. My coworker, Kat said she got chills during some of the performances. A new friend I met, Frank said he practically skipped all the way back to ERC after meeting Jennifer Chung.


And many people said through Luminance, they discovered other great artists to listen to and look up after this event which was my main goal of what I was trying to do. Also many people who came to Luminance had never been to The Loft before which was another goal of mine.


Thanks again to a new friend Nathaniel Kam for taking some beautiful photos for the event.



I got some posters signed by all the artists. I also bought a Seriously shirt to support them. They also gave me another one at the end of the night which was awesome.

I pretty was exhausted by the end of the night, but it was beyond worth it. I feel happy to be able to hear popular Asian-American musicians on stage and am honored to be able to bring them to UC San Diego and help these amazing artists gain exposure. Click here to see the original idea behind LUMINANCE.

Check out these Artist’s YouTube pages!

Jennifer Chung: www.youtube.com/user/jenniferjchung

Olivia Thai: www.youtube.com/user/oliviathai

Seriously the Band: www.youtube.com/user/seriouslytheband

Sam Kang: www.youtube.com/user/GeunjinMusic

Some Videos from Luminance: www.youtube.com/kaned89


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great job kane! keep it up :]

Comment by Jessica Setiawan

[…] seen before and I was also looking forward to checking out some new talent to book for my show Luminance at The Loft @ UC San Diego. Needless to say, I learned about some great new musicians and looking […]

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Looking forward to the next one

Comment by Nathaniel

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