Discontinuing Preuss Internship
April 16, 2009, 10:07 AM
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I haven’t been writing daily because after Twitter this seems much more formal. Haha. But I will definitely keep up as much as I can. 

I’ve been doing this internship at my old High School (The Preuss School UCSD) for a couple days. I had to drop it today because I finally accepted that the timing wasn’t right. It’s hard to come back to a place that I’ve spent 7 years of my life and feel so unwelcome and cold. And in the end, Preuss was just like how I left it. 

Most of the teachers are great, most of the students are great… the only issue is and was always the administration. The people in the office treat students, parents, guests, and now I realize alumni like children and that they don’t matter. They have no empathy for anyone (maybe from hours of being trapped in an office, I don’t know). But honestly my worse experiences at Preuss were always behind those glass doors. I always feel interrogated or looked down upon when entering that area which should never be the case no matter who you are. I remember while going to the school I felt the exact same way as I do now. Why would you put the worse people in the school to greet people as they enter Preuss for the first time, or even everyday?

However, I want to mention that the Principal Scott Barton is doing a respectable job because he is actually approachable and understanding in terms of what you are trying to express and is willing to give his time and listen. Hopefully, some things can change in the next couple years, whether staff can change or at least receive some training in communication skills. 

The reason I wanted to do the internship was because I really believe in giving back to place that have given to me. I felt like I could contribute much more to a high school classroom, giving advice and guidance about college, scholarships, student orgs, and sharing my experiences in general. I feel like it would have helped me to get advice from students that have gone through what I have (Preuss) and seeing their experiences in college. The experience would have been more meaningful. 

Okay. I’m done ranting. Enough of that. Hopefully I can come again in the future and help out in another way. Sigh.


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