GE in college = Absolut Useless
April 27, 2009, 12:28 PM
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So I’m sitting in Poli 30 (Statistics class)… And not paying attention (as usual). I’m just wondering as I have for the past couple weeks why we need to take these GE classes in college. It was fine and dandy freshman year, but it’s getting old. People like myself just slide through these classes and do the bare minimum. In the end, I don’t learn a thing. Why waste my money, your money, our time and stick me in these classes that I care absolutely nothing about?

Isn’t an empty classroom enough of a hint? Boo… No wonder people in some majors are so depressed… geez, median, random samples, variables, bullshit all day. I want my Visual Art classes back!


Can’t wait to go dance and choreograph after my next class. :)


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hahah! i love that pic.
u kno that was my dilemma in hs. i couldnt decide if i wanted to go to ucsd or rochester bc rochester u dont needa take g.e.

Comment by Amira

i love poli 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause its my major LMAO

median, random samples, variables

stella’s major right there

but i get ur pt

Comment by janice

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