Big VN8 Weekend
May 18, 2009, 5:39 PM
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So I’m gonna write this post before I forget everything. Sun God weekend was a crazy and hectic weekend. We had 14 days to create a new set, the last 4 days of practice lasted until 4AM. 

massage line

This is our massage line during a break. We ate so many fried things from Pots in Revelle. After hanging out together so much, we started subconsciously dressing very similar, and talking alike. “Can we not?”

 black and grey stripes

During one of the late night practices, we walked by this guy who matched us from another dance group. 


Monster and Cliff bars helped keep me and some other guys on alive because I was scheduled to work many late night shifts at The Loft during our hell days. 


late late into the early morning naps…

Some of us prayed to the Hip Hop Fairy every night because we didn’t finish our set until the very last day before our first performance. Shout out to the Hip Hop Fairy for taking care of us!

Our performances started with Eclipse Club Party IV – Sun God Pre-party. We got the opportunity to chill with 220 Second to None a bit because they performed after our set at Eclipse.

It was exciting because it was the first time to perform our new set. 


VN8 Guys 

It was a lot of fun, and the crowed was pretty sick and hyped. 220 of course blew my mind away once again and seeing them live and up close was another type of awesome. 


VN8 and 220 Photo


VN8 and 220 Guys


Sexy VN8 and 220 Girls


After Eclipse, we chilled at Angela and Crystal’s place, and met some new VN8 friends. Those guys can hella sing, remember to send me songs!


Everyone went in and out of passing out. (4am?)

The next morning, I had work from 8am-3pm.


The VN8 members that were able to come around 11am got a chance to do a little tech time because my boss was in charge of the Midway stage. After work, I got to see my old Ascension teammates kill it on stage.


Some chill Ascension girls: Liz, Gina, and Zherrina. 

Then I met up with VN8 to get ready and run through a bit before our performance.


We got a chance to check out the rest of the Sun God Festival as we waited for our performance. Everyone was HELLA nervous and crazy excited because it was one of our biggest performances. There were so many hugs and praying going on. 

In the end, we did well and we had many of our friends in the audience for support. Thank you to everyone who showed up and cheered for us, it means a lot! Looking back, I still can’t believe we performed on the same stage as 220 and Kaba Modern. A little crazy.


We stayed and saw Sarah B. Girl Talk, N.E.R.D. and I saw Kaba Modern… twice. Then headed back and chilled/passed out at Chevy’s place. Headed over to David’s place, crashed, woke-up, jammed with Crystal and her friends, and ate homemade breakfast by VN8 friend Tim. Thanks for the sickest scrambled eggs ever.

Saturday, the VN8 Guys went out for a guys day. 

Sunday, I went back home for my sister’s baby shower for a couple of hours and ate some really really good food and at 3PM came back to campus for another scheduled performance for a High School Leadership Conference. My cousins Amara and Amaris were able to see me perform. Thanks for the support girls! and Congratulations on winning the Interact video contest!

This entire weekend was worth the practice time and energy. We went through some deep stuff together and will help each other get through difficult times. The bond we’ve built is pretty special and all of us has grown as dancers and people through our experiences with each other. 

We’re going to be practicing twice a week from now on, Thursdays and Sundays, and hopefully take a bunch of Culture Shock classes and Ethnic dance classes that we won and the Urban FX classes from Fusion. 

Now that the crazy weekend is over, it’s time for me to get cracking on reading and studying. Seriously. 

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