Finals before Summer!
June 9, 2009, 4:29 AM
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I have never studied so much for Finals in all the quarters I’ve been here. I’ve stayed up until at least 5am for the past 3 or 4 nights (I really don’t even remember any more). Granted, some of those nights were not from studying. But many of them were… Like tonight. The past two days combined I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep. So strange!

 Photo 34

This is at 4:30AM at Fireside lounge typing up Poli 30 Stats notes. I seriously better pass this class. I barely learned anything from this class. The teacher is very boring and doesn’t teach too well. Oh well, life’s tough, still gotta deal. 

The day after tomorrow, will be complete freedom. I’m really excited because I can finally start training and taking lots of dance classes for the Summer. I’m kind of tired of my current level of dancing, I really wanna step up my game and hopefully get better by the end of the Summer. I never like to stay static on anything, and dance is not an exception. :)

Today I went to Tracy from Choreo Cookies’s new class on Monday nights at Culture Shock with Hien. She is really sick, I’m excited to take her classes this summer.

I might start moving some stuff home tomorrow so I have more time to chill the rest of the week hopefully choreograph and experiment with new ideas. 

Right now, let me just try and get back to studying. My eyes are pretty tired and I’m kinda hungry. LOL at a passed out Sylvie. 

Later & Peace

Shout out to VN8 <3


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