Featured Acoustic Playlist (FAP) San Diego Live Update/RECAP

So I heard about this show from a friend a couple of months back and made sure that I bought tickets. I bought a VIP ticket right when the show went on sale. I really wanted to support some of the artists I’ve seen before and I was also looking forward to checking out some new talent to book for my show Luminance at The Loft @ UC San Diego. Needless to say, I learned about some great new musicians and looking forward to hopefully working with them in the near future.

On with the show…

Pre-show started around 3pm (didn’t know about this part of the show). I arrived at 4:50pm (walked around, checked out the booths, bought two shirts from RADISRAD). I also saw San Diego Asian Film Festival representing with a booth at the show. Show started at 5:00pm. With some cool luck, the front row, center seat, was open…

5:10 Kat Badar kicked off the Playlist/main show. IMG_2131

She sounded good live, her friends Michael and Jesse were impressive talents as well. “Breathless” is a good song.IMG_2142

Just saw Lando Wilkins here supporting Lydia Paek.

5:20pm Thunder Perfect Mind perfoming

5:35pm Renato Hufana from NY performing.

5:53pmAlyssa Bernal (cutie in Nike high tops) IMG_2170…performing with Kris Cardenas. “I’m Yours.” Beautiful.IMG_2165

6:10pm Monique Macasaet is amazing. Wow.
Bringin it back with TLC’s “Chasing Waterfalls” with Dustin (funny dude).IMG_2180

6:15pm Renanette San Antonio playing. Good tear jerker worthy voice (in a great way).IMG_2194

6:25pm Krystle Cruz and Anthony B, these peformers are blowing mind away. Wow. Sounds really soothing. Singing “I’ll be there.IMG_2210

6:31pm Angie steppin in to beatbox with Michelle Martinez IMG_2227

…doing a Keri Hilson medley with Krystle Cruz and Anthony B.IMG_2249…Talent is so sexy

6:53pm Sam Hart – sang a song about his cat! Too awesome!IMG_2258

Btw, nice shoes dude. He’s singing the Mario Kart Love Song! Walu-Waluigiiiiiii!IMG_2263

7:15pm TwitPic: Watching Andrew and Frank with host Angie. @angiegirlyo 19573122-9692c7891f9ea73cbcada62777592ab8.4a6cc9bd-scaled

Andrew Garcia (Angie’s (fantasy) Boo) and Frank singing “Breaking The Ice” – supposedly written to/for Cathy Nguyen. Update: Raquel just told me it’s called “The Cathy Song.” Haha. That’s Sweet.IMG_2271

–Intermission– People are swarming Cathy Nguyen for a pic and autograph.

7:46pm SINxJAE creator of this show is performing.IMG_2281

7:50pm Lydia Paek from Boxcuttahs and Quest crew had trouble finding Andrew and Frank who were supposed to help her play.IMG_2285

Lydia performing with black hair now switched the order and performed with Victor Kim from Quest crew on guitar first. Nice grey/silver Pumas Victor.IMG_2296

Victor dedicating a song to one of his dancing and singing inspirations Michael Jackson. He then broke out his ukulele he got from Hawaii.IMG_2309

After Lydia and Victor‘s set together they played “Beggin’” and made him freestyle. Pretty cool highlight to the show. This guy is so multi-talented. Inspiring.IMG_2319IMG_2321IMG_2324


Lydia singing with Andrew Garcia and Frank.


Lydia singing with Kat Badar and Jesse on guitar.IMG_2380

It was a beautiful summer night at a cool outdoor venue.IMG_2357

8:55pm Chris Cendena tearing up the stage. With a cover of “If I Ain’t Got You.”IMG_2404

Chris playing his popular “Velvet Fingertips” (Stella and Janice’s favorite song from him. And apparently the girl next to me’s favorite too. Haha.IMG_2405

Chris playing a song with AJ Rafael who is on some drums. Timothy Delaghetto/Traffic droppin in with some rhymes with Chris and AJ.

9:15pm Cathy Nguyen singingIMG_2438 …and AJ Rafael on the keys.


Cathy tore it up with Andrew with an Mj medley.

AJ Rafael performing his Disney Series medley. Crowd goin crazy. Wow, first chills of the night. He’s crazy on the piano. IMG_2432

AJ playin with JesseIf She Was MineIMG_2461

AJ playing with Alyssa one of AJ‘s songs: “Showstopper.”IMG_2463IMG_2464

10:00pm Melissa Polinar performing.IMG_2484

10:18 Ramiele Malubay (American Idol) performing.

Now playing with Gabe Bondoc a “Realize” cover by Colbie CaillatIMG_2493Btw BTW, what’s PYT and TLC stand for?

Wow, these two sound amazing together. Gabe and Ramiele FTW. IMG_2502

10:35pm Passion aka Jeremy singin and playin with LeeJay (beatboxing).IMG_2510


Passion’s song to his girlfriend is really good. She started crying and the crowed fell to pieces. That’s how it’s done. Probably favorite moment from FAP.IMG_2534

Gabe Bondoc was last to perform. The crowd went over the roof cheering. IMG_2548

Gabe delivered a great end to the show. Sang his twitter song which was a definite crowd pleaser. IMG_2554

Overall, I had a great time at the show. I wished there were more venders so I could get some more t-shirts. It was fun going to a show I didn’t have to plan and just enjoy the entertainment. Haha. Super talented people should get recognized and are finally starting to get the platform to express their abilities. Congrats. Thanks SINxJAE for putting the show together!

I got to meet Lydia and Victor during the show. IMG_2385IMG_2386

They’re all really nice people and hopefully you will see more of them in SD soon. :) BTW the next Luminance is on Sunday, September 27th. So keep an eye out! 3/4 artists are confirmed to perform. Looking for one more. :)

Also please continue to support Asian-Americans in entertainment/mainstream media! Music, Film, Dance… etc!


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Nice pics!

The TAWP song is called ‘The Cathy Song’.

Comment by Raquel

Cool thanks!

Comment by kaned89

I was glancing at pictures and pretty sure I saw you asking what pyt and tlc stand for…

I’m pretty sure:

PYT – Pretty young thing
TLC – tender loving care

Or something to that extent. Hopefully I didn’t imagine you asking what they were haha. Sounds like fun! Nice pictures btwww.

Comment by Bella

PYT and TLC… REally Kane? REALLY?!

You make up for your lack of coolness with your pictures and descriptive narrative. Wish I could have been there.

Comment by Sylvie

wow!! u saw Alyssa Bernal??? she looks like bbv. and, awwwww… “velvet fingertips”

Comment by janicetang

Alyssa Bernal’s voice is so beautiful!

Comment by gfxsky

kanediep.wordpress.com’s done it once again! Amazing post.

Comment by Reginald Connor

If only I had a dollar for every time I came to kanediep.wordpress.com… Great writing.

Comment by Horacio Tapia

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