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September 11, 2009, 3:05 AM
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Just felt like updating about my life to anyone who might be reading this. I feel like I should write some things down before I forget and will probably keep track of what I’m working on.

So basically, in the past couple weeks… I’ve been working probably around 5 jobs… maybe more. I don’t really know cause I’ve stopped counting at 5. Each one has plenty of responsibility and one of my fears is that I forget one of the tasks I need to do. Let’s start with The Loft. I am currently planning an Eclipse Club Night Party on September 25th. It will be the first one of the year and the first one where alcoholic beverages will be sold! I’m hoping this will draw an older audience while still maintaining our younger patrons as well. I already have the DJ lined up and possible dance performances. The other immediate responsibility for The Loft is Luminance on September 27th (notice the small 2 day gap between the two events) featuring Victor Kim (Quest Crew), Cathy Nguyen, Jane Lui, and Michelle Martinez. I will have many other responsibilities as the school year starts planning more events and managing the loft during night events.

For my internship at the San Diego Asian Film Festival it’s kind of a blur of responsibilities. I keep the Myspace page updated. I am in contact with some Press publications to send them info as well as work with them on getting an article in their publication. I also am working with some local businesses to offer festival discounts and open up co-promotion opportunities. I was just brought onboard to help with the YouTube Panel on October 18th featuring KevJumba, David Choi, WongFu Productions, Paul Dateh, AngryAsianMan, and NewSpeak. I am currently editing some intro clips that will be playing at the panel. Go Check it out! Also I am working with some staff to put together mostly local Asian American singer/songwriters for entertainment for the Festival titled “Blowfish Unplugged.” Let me know if you know of anyone who is good and would be interested in playing!

I also just started about two weeks ago working as a paid photographer! Which is I think is pretty cool because I had been really interested in photography around age 15. I was pretty much obsessed with taking photographs along with lighting/framing/etc. This is exciting because I never knew how much photographers get paid. HAHA. And it’s happening really fast. By the end of Saturday, I will have finished with my 2nd gig. Both happen to be Bar Mitzvahs which I think is pretty cool. The family that I just finished a photo session with today was really funny and great to work with. If you know anyone who might need a photographer, hook it up!

I am also working at my dad’s smog test only (USA Smog Check) station and my sister and brother’s offices simultaneously.

I think that’s all. Oh and I’m working with Mike on a set for welcome week. Which I’m not sure if we have enough time, but we’ll try to crank something out… I’m pretty confident that it will pan out. Hopefully.

That’s pretty much where I’m at. And the interesting thing is. I love everything I’m doing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I can guarantee one thing: which is if I don’t like/enjoy doing something, I won’t do it. I think life is not meant to be that way… I was told recently that I am very lucky to have found the things that I am most passionate about so early in life. I couldn’t agree more. I feel very blessed to have found photography, music, film/video production, and the current most important thing which is dance. I know dance won’t be what I’ll be doing in the future, but currently it is the most satisfying, relaxing, beautiful thing I can do for myself and something I can share and connect with people. Cheesy, I know. But it somehow doesn’t seem that way when you really feel and believe in it.

Anyway, on the dancing front. I’ve started remembering pieces much better than I used to, I think because I’m feeling the moves much more and understand different dynamics of movement and how they affect a piece. A couple weeks ago I was also chosen as select in Mari’s class which I still can’t really believe. But I’m pretty sure it happened. LOL. Cause I remember at the end of class she didn’t know my name and said “You killed it out there boy!” LOL.

I can’t or maybe event don’t want to imagine my life if I hadn’t discovered dancing or if I was too scared to try it. (Enter next cliche comment HERE) Sorry I’m lame HAHA.

Alright enough deep thoughts. Here are some select twitpic photos that I’ve uploaded in the past couple weeks.


This is from “Babbo Grande” Crepes. OMFG. I seriously got fucking chills. Sorry for the cussing. I’m serious. The first bite of the savory A La Reine. It had chicken, mushrooms, and some other beautiful ingredients but the most important thing was the sauce (it was good to eat just with bread). WOW. I had gone to comfort food heaven. Serious. The sweet one that Yen got was good too, it was banana, nutella, and strawberry. The only thing we didn’t was just that we weren’t used to soft crepes. I typically prefer crispy crepes. because soft ones, can become soggy real quick, especially sweet ones. We are now determined to try other crepe places in SD to compare. Mmmmm…


Dina from my VN8 swore she makes the best scones. And they WERE probably the best scones I ever tasted. Granted, all the ones I’ve had were pretty gross, because they were dry, tasteless, and gross. However, David’s sister pointed out that maybe I just don’t like scones in general… but I usually like all foods, so scones MUST me gross in general then. But I digress. Dina’s scones were the Best I’d ever had. The outside was nicely glazed, the inside was creamy and soft, the chocolate was the best part, it was simply goood. I could eat more. Which means a lot for a scone, so thumbs up Dina, you passed the scone taste test! People that bake (well) impress me because first of all I have tried and failed… multiplet times. Also I just like eatting.


So this is a picture of me at the OB after we ate at Hodad’s (I’ll post about this God of all burgers later). This pic stand for our 2 beach trips that weekend. My friends and I always say we wished be go to the beach more often especially because we live so close to it. And it’s saddens me that we don’t. I love the beach, just there listening and watching the waves. I love everything about it, except skinny sharks… or big sharks too i guess. I think being at the beach is kind of similar to the feeling I get when I dance, especially being at the beach alone on a cool day… maybe listening to music.


Hodad’s = Best burger place EVER. Enough said.


My baby nephew Wynn. It’s so beautiful to think we were all that small and innocent. Without a care or worry in his little world. A little cry and he is sung to, patted to sleep, or fed then sleep… free to dream whatever babies dream. The love and care that we all give to this baby has is a beautiful thing.

This is a video I took of my mom singing to my baby nephew. I remembered this song because my mom used to sing it to me when I was little, so I ran upstairs to grab my new camera (Canon 940) to record it. My mom doesn’t like this video because she says she looks bad in it, but like it most because it looks very natural and pure.


So this delicious bowl of refreshing deliciousness is called an Acai bowl. If you’ve never had one, go try one. This particular (so far my favorite one) is from a placed called Mac n’ Joy located below Culture Shock Dance Studio. The first time I had an Acai bowl was a couple of years ago with my friend Luwam, I’m not sure if it was built differently or maybe I didn’t understand it yet. But I want to go back to that place in PB and try it again. The Jamba Juice one is similar to this one, but this one is bigger/cheaper and I think tastier.

NOM NOM. Refreshing deliciousness.

That’s it for now… to keep up with me. Just follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/kaned89

Be warned, I’m random. As you can tell from this blog entry.

BTW I didn’t take any pics, but try Pappalecco in Little Italy SD. It really is the best gelato place I’ve tasted so far. I still can taste the soft, sweetness on my tongue. NOM.


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Wow…I feel connected to San Diego again. I miss everyone, esp I am so sad I didn’t get to see little Wynn! :( Keep blogging…miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I can attend all the Luminance’s …Love the first one, can’t get enough of it! Make sure to record vids please =).

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