Confessions of a UCSD Commuter: Life Sucks
September 21, 2009, 4:18 PM
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Day 1 (still)
The parking permit I got to get the my real parking permit for the year was for 2-3pm. I was back to my car at 3:00pm when I got a call to go tabling for SDAFF. I stayed till 4:15pm when someone mentioned their parking was expired soon. I said. F***. then I found this…

a 50 DOLLAR PARKING TICKET. So basically, I spent $2 on a parking permit, to buy a $500 parking permit, then got a $50 parking ticket. FUCK MY LIFE. I know this is probably my fault, but since this is my blog. I blame UCSD and their freakishly vigilant Parking-Patrol-Permit-Bitches. Sometimes I feel sorry for them because when I see them around give parking tickets, I want cuss them out and throw a banana peel at in their face. But I try to remember they are human like us, and one of my friends could be a Parking-Patrol-Permit-Bastard so I try to be nice, but it’s hard. This is such a bad first day of school. Damn. $50 that’s like 12 Jamba Juices. a MONTH of parking. Eff that!

Also, after I got some stuff out of my car, this creepy old guy shouted “You scratched my car!” I’m thinking wtf, he said, “Your door”. I’m thinking, WHAT A FUCKER, I said “Show me the scratch.” When I left, I looked back and he was still standing there looking creepy, so I got back in my car and parked somewhere else so he couldn’t scratch my car after I left. I’ll probably edit out the cuss words later, when I calm down. Haha. Not a fun day at all. I’m eating an Acai bowl to feel better. I guess that’s the same as eating my feelings away, but it’s healthy, delicious, and full of antioxidants.


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