Confessions of a UCSD Commuter: Life Sucks
September 22, 2009, 1:35 PM
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So today I tried looking for parking at Sixth buy as soon as I didn’t see any “S” spots I decided to listen to my cousin Janice Thermopolis and park in Regents and take the shuttle to PC.

But my friend, let’s call her Wendy Shenanigans. Wendy tried tricking the parking-patrol-maniacs by messing with her cheap 1 day pass to make it last, and gotten away with it for 1 or 2 weeks. BUT the other day she got caught and got SLAPPED with a $300 Fine!! Ouch! Worst thing was if she had gone to her car just 30 min earlier she would have escaped their venom. BAM! Better luck next time.


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ROFL ROFL! That freakin sucks! How the heck did she try to trick them? Btw, Regents is not that bad right? Only 15 mins on the shuttle at most, better than wasting gas going around circles in the parking lot building hoping for some lucky chance that a car will leave.

Comment by Janice

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