October 6, 2009, 2:01 PM
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Is it sad the most consistent thing in my life is: Jamba Juice? I kinda think so. LOL.

Anyway, it might seem a little late notice. But it’s never late to to go dancing. HAHA. Come chill at second Eclipse Club Party of the year on (next) Friday, October 16th at The Loft! YEE. Featuring DJ Philly.

If any of you want some free head shots done, I’m doing them for free this week. Just trying to beef up my photo portfolio, cause its kinda lacking right now haha, only good head shots I’ve taken are from two years ago. Most aren’t even meant to be head shots. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kaned89/3987856426/

Btw, I’m taking 16mm film class right now. So this past weekend, I got to shoot in actual film! HAHA. It was exciting cause nowadays most people only get to use video, granted its HD, but nothing really compares to the experience of touching film. FYI, it’s expensive. 2min worth of the film is 20 bucks (and that’s not even the really nice kind).

K, Let me go get some Jamba Juice now. PEACE.


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